Your one-way ticket to smooth, silky skin, from top to toe

The smoother your skin, the softer it feels and the glowier it looks. So take control all over with Scholl, Veet and E45 – you’ll soon find yourself bursting with confidence and ready to show off your best assets

There’s something about having wonderfully preened skin that makes us feel put together and in control. It’s also a great way to indulge in self-care, because we all know there’s nothing like the feeling of having soft and silky skin – even if it’s just the sensation of smooth soles inside your slippers. Luckily, we’ve found six easy-to-use products to help you perfect your velvety vibes at home…

Fabulous feet

The Scholl Expert Care Dry Skin Foot Mask is like a sheet mask, but for your feet! It contains a pair of non-greasy slip-on socks infused with coconut oil, aloe vera juice and glycerin, which deeply hydrate dry soles and rough patches. Working their magic in 20 minutes, why not pop them on when you’re working from home? No one will ever know! Or, if they need a little extra pampering, the Scholl Pedi & Creams Bundle has all that’s needed for an intensive treat. Start with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File, which whisks away hard, dead skin cells. Then cocktail your foot creams: use Scholl Hard Skin Cream on areas that have really taken a pounding in trainers and sandals, and Scholl Dry Skin Foot Cream everywhere else to help keep skin smooth and supple.

Hair-free freshness

Formulated with almond oil, Veet Ready-To-Use Sensitive Skin Body & Legs Wax Strips and Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips are specially designed to be extra gentle on your skin – so there’s less ouch and more aaah! With grip tabs to help you get to those tricky areas, they remove hair from the root to the tip – and work on those as short as 1.5mm – for super-smooth skin that lasts for up to four weeks. Simply peel the strips apart, apply them in the direction of hair growth, then pull off in the opposite direction. That’s all there is to it – perfect results in one quick and easy move, which makes them ideal for beginners and pros alike. And for added TLC, use one of the Perfect Finish Wipes (included), which are enriched with vitamin E to help protect skin, and sweet almond oil for ultra-softness.

Seriously soft skin

One way to get closer to your #skingoals? Simply invest 60 seconds a day in moisturising your body. Which is where the trusted, dermatologically tested formula of E45 comes in. E45 Everyday Skincare Daily Lotion and Cream are super-hydrating, drying instantly to give 24-hour moisturisation – everything your dry skin needs to feel good. So, all you need to do now is choose the texture you prefer – lotion or cream – and just slather it on all over twice a day. You’re #winning.