Want better sleep? Try these anxiety self-help tips

Getting a good night’s kip isn't easy in a pandemic, so we’ve got clever, calming tips from Bach™ RESCUE® Remedy to help reduce the feelings of everyday stress and drift off


1. Help stay calm with meditation

For many of us, meditation can be an important step in helping us to switch off from our worries and feel calm – a quick search for guided meditation on YouTube will give you plenty of free options. There’s also a raft of meditation apps, such as Headspace, Calm and Aura, which are just the thing if you want to set a reminder or build towards a certain goal. The act of writing has a calming effect, too, while helping you to focus on the present. Keeping a journal can help you stay grounded while assessing how you’re feeling in the moment. Whether it’s a gratitude journal (in which you list one thing you’re thankful for every day), or a daily diary (where you write about your feelings), grab a pen – or your laptop – and air it all. Better out than in, we say! Another top tip? Bach™ RESCUE® Remedy Comfort & Reassurance Dropper has been formulated with Dr Bach’s famous combination of five natural flower essences, to help provide comfort and reassurance. It’s also suitable for vegan and vegetarians.

2. Make sure your bedroom is spic and span

A serene sleep space can help you get a good night’s kip – and with all that free time on our hands, now’s the perfect excuse for a tidy up. Clutter can affect the quality of your sleep: a desk next to your bed covered in work paraphernalia is never going to help you switch off, is it? So make sure you pack it out of sight every night. A calming, clutter-free environment is likely to lead to a more serene frame of mind, and is one of the most helpful ways to get better sleep.


3. Help keep worries at bay with a little self-care every day

Self-care is not a luxury, but an essential, because taking time to pamper yourself is a great way to decompress and, in turn, help ease anxiety. So if you’ve currently cut the commute out of your day, make the most of the time you’ve won back with some relaxing nightly pampering. Why not indulge in a DIY mani-pedi, read a book or take a long soak in the tub: the drop in the body’s core temperature as you get out of the warm water has been found to help you sleep at night. Or, just take time out and relax and be ‘still’ with a cup of herbal tea. For an extra hand switching off, dissolve one of the Bach™ RESCUE® Night Liquid Melts on your tongue as you slide under the sheets.


4. Top tunes = happier mood

Music is a powerful way to disconnect, unwind and counterbalance our ‘always on’ culture. It’s also ideal for prompting an emotional response – think love songs for warm, fuzzy feelings, or hip-hop to get you pumped. So it’s no wonder that the right kind of music can soothe anxiety and help us sleep, as many of us already know. Some of the most popular snooze-inducing artists? Classical fans favour Bach, Mozart and Chopin, while more modern choices include Ed Sheeran, Brian Eno and Coldplay!