Time for a self-esteem boost

Introducing an amazing new partnership whose mission is to build young people’s self-esteem – and you can help!

Did you know… seven in 10 young people said that Instagram made them feel worse about their body image*? But… three-quarters of young people who learnt about body confidence in school said it made them feel more positive about themselves*?

From breakouts to break-ups, peer pressure to periods, the journey towards adulthood has always been a physical and emotional roller-coaster. But in the unprecedented glare of social media, there are even greater challenges for today’s teens and tweens.

Faced with an endless stream of ‘perfect’ images, it’s no wonder so many young people feel unhappy with the way they look. Poor self-esteem can seep into every area of life, including friendships and school work, and can spiral into eating disorders, substance abuse and, tragically, even suicide.

This simply can’t happen. Which is why Dove has teamed up with Boots and the international charity for social change,, with the mission of supporting both young people and the adults who support them.

The kick-off to this desperately needed project was a series of youth summits, bringing together teenagers from every background to talk about the confidence battles they face on a daily basis – from air-brushed images to online bullying.

Late last year, schools from around the UK took part in the first of these regional events. Students got the chance to workshop the things that affect their confidence and, more importantly, they learned ways to build it back up again. From school positivity ambassadors to days celebrating diversity, we were blown away by the ideas that came out of the summits.

That’s not all – the campaign lives on beyond the summits with a collection of brilliant online tools designed to help adults help the young people in their lives to break the cycle of low self-esteem, and build confidence from the inside out.

Dove’s Self-Esteem Project was established in 2004 to ensure the next generation grows up to enjoy a positive relationship with the way they look. Only then can they reach their full potential and be the good in the world.

By the end of 2020, the Dove Self-Esteem Project will have reached a mind-blowing 40 million people (and counting) globally – providing self-esteem education in classrooms worldwide. So together with Dove, WE and an army of supportive, informed adults like you, we’ve got it covered.


Whether you’re a parent, teacher, mentor, or a young person yourself, you’ll find heaps of ideas on our website to help build confidence – find out more at

The initiative doesn’t end there. Dove and Boots will be continuing their mission to improve young people’s confidence over the rest of the year. Look out for more in July’s Health & Beauty, when we look at more challenges to self-esteem.

*Source: Dove Global Beauty & Confidence Report 2016.