The highs and lows of growing a beard

Our grooming columnist, author, podcaster and Insta-star Matt Farquharson, aka @papa_pukka, talks about growing face fuzz

Some time in the mid noughties, I started to develop a spare chin. This presented me with a choice: adapt my diet and exercise regime, or stop shaving. So I stopped shaving. I was hoping for a fulsome, Victorian-style chin jumper, which was popular at the time. But, instead, I looked like someone had glued the contents of a barber’s dustpan to my face. It also grew at different speeds, from semi-lustrous goatee to great patches
of hair-desert in the middle of my cheeks.

I persevered, with little concern for the tittering around me. For the decade and a half since, I’ve inexpertly dragged a beard trimmer across my follicular folly every few weeks to stop me looking like an am-dram Fagin.

But I’d been hiding the lower half of my face for so long, I was worried about what might now be there. So, one day, I took it all off. I worked my way through all the stages men do when removing beards: I first gave myself
a ‘full biker’ (mutton chops and goatee), then a
handlebar and sides, followed by a ’tache only, ending with upward strokes and moisturiser until my flesh was as soft as a baby’s bottom.

The results weren’t kind: years without daylight had made my lower face look like a patch of old beige carpet that’s been covered by a sofa. Extra bits of neck had developed, giving me a chin gusset with the consistency
of slightly collapsed Brie. It was troubling to see, but important to know, and I’ve decided to stay indoors until it’s all covered up again…

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