The cold sore treatment coming to your rescue!

No one wants a cold sore on their lip at Xmas (or any time of the year!). So thank goodness for Herpotherm, which is swooping in to save our pouts

Even if the only partying you’ll be doing this festive season is over Zoom, you don’t want any kind of camera to bring a cold sore on your lip into sharp focus. This begs the questions: what are the main cold sore triggers? And, if you do get one – despite your best efforts – is there a treatment that can help zap it into oblivion? Fear not, we have all you need to know to enable your best cold sore-banishing strategy right here.

Firstly, let’s talk triggers:

  • Sunlight and artificial UV light (or use sunblock lip balm SPF15 or above if you’re outside in the sun)
  • Sharing anything that comes into contact with a cold sore, such as cold sore creams, towels, cutlery or lipstick
  • Minor injuries and cracks in the lips
  • Fatigue
  • A weakened immune system
  • A cold or other illness
  • Emotional stress

Of course, some triggers aren’t avoidable, meaning those pesky sores can rear their heads on the healthiest of people when they least expect them.

But, fret not – Herpotherm is here to help save your lips from burning/tingling/itching/tightness. How does it work? Well, this little battery-operated superhero is completely chemical-free (hurrah!) and works solely by concentrating heat onto the sore, relieving discomfort and shortening the lifespan of that little eruption. Plus it looks just like a lipstick, so you can whip it out and use it in public without anyone being the wiser.

Think of this knowledge as our gift to you. Happy Christmas!