It’s self-care September – here’s how to celebrate

5 Ways to… up your relaxation and minimise everyday stress by showing yourself some TLC this autumn
Photography: Dan Smedley/Unsplash

Sure, the nights will gradually start getting darker and chillier, and we’re soon to say ‘bye’ to summer, but these little self-care ideas will ease you into autumn with a gentle ‘aah’ instead of ‘urgh’!

1. Listen to a life-changing podcast

Try Selfie – hosted by writer/psychotherapist Kristen Howerton and lifestyle blogger Sarah James. It’s all about better ways to look after our minds, bodies and souls (all backed up with social and scientific research). Think weekly, open convos about everything from multi-tasking to how to find a good therapist.

2. Indulge in this science-backed pre-sleep ritual

The bods in white coats have identified that showering/bathing 90 minutes before hitting the sack can lead to faster and better shut eye. Make the experience truly pampering with this rose and calendula-scented Radox Feel Blissful Bath.

3. Hang out with some trees: aka ‘forest bathing’

Studies have found that being in a forest/green space, using all your five senses, has benefits ranging from helping to ease mood disorders and stress, to increasing feelings of gratitude and selflessness. No wonder hiking is trending right now.

4. Indulge in some mindful crafting

Because, frankly, the concentration involved in trying not to drop a crochet stitch is bound to shut down other worries trying to sneak in. Clearly loads of you agree: Hobbycraft has reported a 179% rise in crochet pattern purchases. But the not-so-artistic among us will rejoice in the fact that painting-by-numbers is having a resurgence – sales are up 80%! Go forth and create.

5. Make your health a priority

As the old saying goes ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. And it couldn’t be easier to get some of your essential check-ups: Book your NHS health check, sort an appointment for a free hearing check* and make sure you get your eyes tested** if you haven’t recently (you should have a check every two years unless your optician advises otherwise).

*One free Hearing Health Check per year. Over 18s only. Subject to availability. **See full terms and conditions at