4 steps to the perfect blow dry

Hairbrush – check, dryer – check. Salon-finished hair – check
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1. Beat the heat

Spritz a heat protector throughout the lengths to help smooth strands and prevent heat damage. ‘Spray onto damp hair, then add further spritzes to individual sections as you style,’ advises celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford.

2. Be a high dryer

‘Pile all your hair on top of your head and fix with a clip,’ Lee suggests. ‘Working from the bottom to the top, take down one section at a time to dry. Point the dryer nozzle downwards, close to the hair shaft, to keep the outer layers flat, while curling a barrel brush underneath to give volume.’

3. Add va-va-volume

‘When dry, roll each section of hair around your finger and back up to the roots, pinning with grips as you go,’ advises Lee. ‘This will ensure that your hair sets and retains the volume you’ve created with the brush. Once you’ve done all the sections, leave your hair to cool for 15 minutes before unclipping.’

4. Brush and go

‘Turn your head upside down and blast your hair using the dryer’s cool setting,’ says Lee. ‘Finally, spritz with a dry shampoo to lock in the volume, then flip back and say hello to hair perfection!’

"Leave your hair to dry in a towel for 15 minutes before blow-drying," says Lee Stafford. "This will cut down on exposure to heat damage."
Pro Tip

“If you’re after a super-smooth finish, spritz hairspray onto a brush, then work this through your hair to flatten down any flyaways,” says Kerry Warn, international creative director for John Frieda.