5 instant hair dos for the party season

We’ve got the look for you wherever you’re heading
Imaxtree, Pixeleyes

1. Make hot waves

Whether your hair’s naturally curly or you’re creating the waves yourself, mess them up for an on-trend look. Curl random sections with the Volume Waves Tong, then spritz with sea-salt spray, such as Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray, for a mussed-up finish.

2. Refresh roots

No time to shower? Here’s how to apply dry shampoo like a pro. ‘Part hair in the middle and divide each side into three horizontal sections,’ says Aaron. ‘Working from the top, spray each section at the roots. This will distribute the product evenly and leave no tell-tale white patches.’ After two minutes, run through with fingers. Try Luxe Dry Shampoo.

3. Work an easy up ’do

‘This is an effortless style for day or night,’ says celebrity hairstylist Aaron Carlo. ‘Switch it up for a party by twisting tresses into a messy topknot and fixing with a large clip, then tease out a few tendrils around your hairline.’ Hold in place with Charles Worthington Diamond Shine Hair Spray EXCLUSIVE.

4. Get a grip

‘From glitzy clips to shiny metallic slides, accessories are a must-have for your party kit this season,’ says Aaron. ‘They’re an easy way to glam up your look and don’t cost the earth.’ Add instant style by making a side-parting, then layer three or four metallic pins just above your ear to keep it in place. We like Boots Black Blending Grips.

5. Switch sides

‘Wearing the same parting for years makes hair flat,’ explains top hairstylist Ken O’Rourke. ‘Changing sides will instantly give your roots lift, as well as creating a different look. Fine hair? Try a zigzag parting – it  will make the crown appear fuller.’ Use a tail comb, such as the Boots Tail Comb for a precise result.