Papa Pukka on... shopping for the best Mother’s Day gift

Our columnist and Insta-star, Matt Farquharson (@matt.farquharson), takes a break from grooming to ponder the quandary that is Mother’s Day gifting
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My world is full of mothers. There’s the one that popped me into the world and there’s my sister, who is a mother of two herself. Then there’s my dear wife, the mother of my children, whose entry into my life about 14 years ago was swiftly followed a few weeks later by the arrival of her own mum, subtly quizzing me over a picnic about my intentions towards her daughter.

And there is very little that they have in common. One of them is a big fan of calorific roulades, while another rarely eats anything other than crispbread. Their drink preferences range from herbal tea and detox cleanses to sambuca and what’s on special offer. So the idea that generic Mother’s Day gifts might work for all is a bit of a stretch. It really is the trickiest of present-giving seasons.

For my mum, I could go for joke gifting, such as Star Trek fluffy slippers, but I suspect they’d be headed for landfill soon after. Perfume would be difficult, as I’d need to decide how I thought she should smell. Fresh and feminine? Sexy and sassy? There really is no right answer, but several that are wrong.

And then there’s the mum who is in my life the most: my wife, the mother to my kids. Our offspring might muster up a finger painting, but for the real prize, she’ll be looking to me and it’s hard to find a way to say, ‘Thanks for forming and birthing our tiny infants.’

Harder, even, than knowing how to say, ‘Thanks for forming and birthing me.’

So good luck, and if you’re a mum yourself, Happy Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

What I think mums might want…

NEW Landon Tyler Best Mum Ever Wild Raspberry & Vanilla Scented Candle* EXCLUSIVE & ONLINE ONLY. I don’t quite understand the need for nice candles, but I know that they do.

Joules Ultimate Bath Gift Set† EXCLUSIVE (contains: Bath Soak, 250ml; 2 Egg Bath Fizzers, Body Souffle, 200ml; Body Wash, 200ml; and Body Scrub, 200ml). A solitary bath without small people around can feel like a spa break, so this would be a winner for that.

What I think mums like…


With small kids, one hour of peace can feel as restorative as a fortnight in a Himalayan retreat. Any solo experience out of the house tends to be appreciated.


Despite my best efforts, I’m not much of a foot masseur or eyebrow threader. These treatments are best left to the experts.


Once parenthood lands, food is all that most of us are left with, so best make it good.


*Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep it out of the reach of children and pets. †Exclusive to Boots and in brand owner stores and websites.
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