One man’s beauty regime in lockdown

Our grooming columnist, author, podcaster and Insta-star Matt Farquharson (aka @papa_pukka), talks honestly about beauty regimes in self-isolation
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How’s your lockdown look developing? Did you embrace the elasticated waistband from the start, or opt for black tie with breakfast every day?

I decided that if I couldn’t go anywhere physically, then it was important to make mental distinctions in the times of day and how I dress. Working hours meant trousers with a belt and a shirt with a collar; non-working hours meant anything better than pyjamas. Some time around week two, I changed from tatty shorts into slightly less tatty shorts and my wife asked if I was going anywhere nice.

I can do less about my face and body, however. My main concern over these difficult weeks (aside from the sense of impending apocalypse) is what I can do about a haircut. Since the lockdown began, I’ve been forced into a slow restyling. While I can trim a beard, I haven’t attempted the bonce or brow; so, from the nose up, I’ve become a very hairy man.

I’ve also become meticulous in my tooth brushing to keep any issues at bay, as a trip to the dentist is off the cards. My extended brush, floss and gargle routine has given me gnashers like piano keys. Along with the manic hand washing, I feel it’s likely to be a habit that sticks beyond this time at home.

I’ve also decided that shower gel and deodorant are essential items, if not for me, then for my wife. She has to see me all day – she shouldn’t have to smell me from afar, too.

Here’s hoping that all remains well and safe with you and yours this summer.

Potential isolation trends

Week 1: Mature student I’m looking a little afraid of my new environment and not sure where I’ll fit in. Should I be smart or scruffy? Who do I want to be?

Week 3: Eccentric uncle Usual standards have slipped and I’ve adopted new combinations – I’ve taken to wearing a dressing gown, hoodie and my wife’s 1997 fisherman pants as a three-quarter-length trouser. 

Week 7: Walk on the wild side My brows have knitted with my fringe. I’m chewing my hair and trying to remember what it was like to congregate.

Matt’s stay-home must-haves

BaBylissMEN Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer, Dove Men Care Clean Comfort Deo and Oral B Satin Tape

BaBylissMEN Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer This cordless helper is vital to keep my face fuzz in check.

Dove Men +Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant More a gift to those who live with me, than a gift to myself.

Oral-B Satin Tape Dental Floss With all that time spent eating, teeth need even more care.


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