My Wellness Wins: personal trainer and influencer Alice Liveing

Personal trainer to celebrities such as Jodie Comer and Maya Jama, Alice Liveing, 26, is also the author of three Sunday Times best-selling health books. She spills about giving up her clean diet and why failure is good for you

My morning ritual is… waking up at 6am. I get ready in 15 minutes, grab a coffee and then, on the bus, I email and write my morning Instagram post. I’ll have breakfast -– either porridge or eggs -– when I get to work at 7.30am.

My bedtime routine is… to try to read ten pages of a book. I’m currently reading a fitness book called The Little Black Book Of Training Wisdom, by Dr Dan Cleather (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)[1]. I spend a lot of time on my phone, and reading calms my mind. 

I always tell my loved ones to… never go to bed on an argument. If I ever have words with someone – not that it happens often – I’ll never let the sun go down without having addressed it. It’s a nice way to go through life.

My favourite mantra is… it’s never a failure, it’s always a lesson. I fail all the time, so I try to think ‘what can it teach me?’ If you take life as one big learning experience, it can be really empowering, because it motivates you to move forward and do better.

I love to cook… eggs, because they’re fast, cheap, accessible and versatile. But if I’m not in a rush, I’ll spend a couple of hours making an amazing cake.

My favourite way to relax is with… yoga. I do it at The Power Yoga Company in London [2], or I follow YouTube yoga tutorials by people such as Cat Meffan [3]. I find it a little more difficult than the average exercise session, because it’s challenging and calls on all those skills I don’t necessarily use on a daily basis, such as balance and trying to keep calm!

For me, exercise involves…either resistance training, such as a weight-based workout in the gym, or boxing, at the Kobox Boxing Club in London. I work out for an hour five times a week – it’s my ‘me time’. I used to think more was always better, but I’ve realised that rest is just as important. If you’re new to exercise, stepping into a gym can be daunting, so build your confidence at home by doing some body-resistance workouts – there are loads on my Instagram @aliceliveing. Learn the basic movements – squats, lunges and presses – then look to progress to a gym class or something a little bit more advanced.

My biggest turn on is… laughter. I’m not focused on the way someone looks, because it’s more about whether I can have a really good conversation with them and if they’re able to make me laugh. I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years, and being in a relationship has been instrumental in helping me feel a lot better about myself.

The bad habit I’m glad I’ve kicked is… being obsessed with food. Five years ago, I was very controlling about it. I lost my love of life because I lost the enjoyment of eating. It’s so much more complicated than being healthy or not healthy. Eating salad and vegetables is healthy, but so is sitting down with friends, eating a slice of cake and enjoying life. I’ve had therapy, but I’ve also grown up. Having fun with my friends, being able to have a roast on a Sunday and an ice cream on a hot day – those things are more important to me now than looking a certain way. There’s more to life than being thin.

 I inject positivity into my life by… listening to podcasts. They help me switch off and give me a positive burst of energy. I love How To Fail With Elizabeth Day and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place.