My Wellness Wins: Meg Mathews

The entrepreneur and author opens up about her experience of the menopause and reveals why gratitude is her number one path to positivity
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My morning ritual is… waking at around 5.30am and gulping down a big bottle of water to hydrate my body and brain. I have an altar in my bedroom where I keep some of my late mum’s jewellery and crystals. I’m very spiritual, so I pray to whoever’s ‘up there’, then do 10 minutes of Yoga With Kassandra on YouTube followed by one of her five- or 10-minute guided affirmation meditations.

My bedtime routine is… coming off my phone every night at 6pm. I’m very susceptible to blue light so I have EMF [electromotive force radiation] shielding pyramid crystals around my bed to help stop phone rays. I have ADHD and I’m dyslexic, so it’s hard for me to read because words jump out of the pages. But I enjoy a cheesy boxset such as Little Birds on Sky Atlantic.

I always tell my loved ones to… share and talk. I learned I was going through the menopause at 49 because, as a recovering alcoholic, I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to tackle how I was feeling – depressed and struggling with social anxiety. I felt so low that I wanted to have a drink and when I left, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘I think you’re going through the menopause’. She shared with me everything she knew, including bioidentical hormone therapy and NHS menopause clinics. Now I’m passing it on to other women through megsmenopause.com.

My favourite mantra is‘this too shall pass’. It’s tattooed across my chest. I’m very sensitive and feel emotions quite physically, so if I’m experiencing sadness, anxiety or jealousy, I know those feelings will eventually go.

I love to make…  green juices. I’ll put in fennel, cucumber, rocket, broccoli, lemon, apple – anything! I drink at least three a day.

My favourite way of relaxing is… having a calm evening. I’ll have a hot bath with lots of Epsom salts, then climb into bed made with crisp, clean sheets.

Exercise to me involves… a daily 30-40 minute workout with Heather Robertson or a live Instagram workout with @richie.swan. At 49, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis because of a lack of oestrogen, but weight-bearing exercises have helped.

My biggest turn on… my close girlfriends! They make me the happiest. During Covid-19, being a single mum and on my own, their support and love has kept me sane.

The bad habit I’m glad I’ve kicked… I stopped smoking, taking drugs and drinking many years ago. To not be a prisoner of those things is so nice.

I inject positivity into my life by… writing a gratitude list most days. I’ve done it for over 20 years to remind myself of what I’m grateful for – getting to walk in a beautiful park on Primrose Hill, my house, my friends. 

No.1 on my gratitude list is… my daughter [Anaïs Gallagher, 20]. She’s clued-up, strong, passionate about animals and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. I’ve brought up a very well-rounded lady, even if I do say so myself!

Meg’s new book The New Hot is available to order now.