Meet your body positivity BFFs

Watch these six incredible women talking about how they are going to rock their bodies this summer
Their body-positive power will soothe your insecurities quicker than you can say ‘I wish I looked like Jennifer Aniston in a bikini’

From a full body tattoo and a stoma bag to wearing a bikini at 70 and rocking body hair – meet the six incredible women who aren’t letting society dictate what they should look like in swimwear. That’s body-positive power right there! Their ‘this is me, take it or leave it’ attitudes in this video have given us all the inspiration we need to be proud of our bods just the way they are.

(FYI – they were interviewed, filmed and photographed before lockdown began.)

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Videography: Hogarth Worldwide. Photography: Hollie Fernando. Photographic Art Direction: Melisa Lee. Styling: Kara Kyne. Hair and make-up: Lindsey Poole, Emily Porter.