Autumn make-up amnesty: what to keep, chuck or change

You don't wear the summer clothes at this time – same goes for your beauty routine
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It’s official: winter is out, spring is in! And with the rising temperatures, our beauty needs also start to shift. ‘We alter our wardrobes and eating habits with the change of season, so it makes sense to adapt our skincare regime, too,’ says Rebecca Bennett, skincare expert at Johnson & Johnson. ‘Yet many people are unaware of this, and they may wonder why the rich moisturiser that kept their skin soft in winter now seems too heavy and greasy.’ It’s not just hydration that we should be rethinking, either. Now’s the time to reassess your entire beauty collection and say goodbye to products that are past their best, whether it’s a shampoo for brittle, winter hair, or a mascara that needs to be retired from service. Not sure what to keep and what to chuck? We’ve got you covered.

Make up products to keep in spring


As things start to warm up, full-coverage foundation might feel too heavy – but that’s no reason to ditch your trusty base. Rather, it’s time to get creative and make it work for you by customising your coverage. ‘Mixing your winter foundation with your facial moisturiser allows for easy blending and avoids a heavy finish,’ reveals celebrity make-up artist Aimee Adams. ‘When it comes to areas that need more coverage, just use a blendable concealer.’ For a natural-looking cover-up that blends seamlessly into skin, we love Clinique Airbrush Concealer*.  Got colour-treated locks? You can avoid an expensive trip to the salon by keeping last season’s colour and just adopting at-home products to achieve the shade du jour. A simple treatment such as Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot Plus (25ml; various shades available) will warm up and soften your colour – think of it as a sun-kissed finish in a tube. Alternatively, if you’re worried that your bleached hair might go yellow in the upcoming sunnier months, there’s no need to book a pre-summer touch-up, either. Opting for a silver shampoo, such as Bleach London Silver Shampoo (500ml), will remove yellow tones and brighten up your blonde. Concerned that your deep brunette shade is going to go brassy? A blue shampoo, such as Charles Worthington Colourplex Toning Blue Shampoo (250ml), will remove the red tones that can make colour look frazzled.


It’s time to give up those rich moisturisers you relied on in winter. Come spring, you’ll want to replace them with lighter lotions and serums. ‘Due to warmer temperatures and higher air humidity, skin tends to be better hydrated in the summer and is in less need of heavy nourishment,’ says Dr Frauke Neuser, Olay’s principal scientist. ‘But because you sweat more, you need a product without heaviness and shine.’ Olay Luminous Whip (50ml) is a light-as-air whipped moisturiser that transforms into liquid on contact with the skin, sinking in instantly to give a smooth, matte finish. Bonus: it features niacinamide to help restore your glow, too. And don’t just stash your winter lotions for next year. ‘It’s not great for skincare to sit around for months once open,’ warns Dr Neuser. So check the period-after-opening symbol on a product’s packaging – this is a number (for example, 12M), which tells you how many months it will last once open. After this, products can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Speaking of which, eye make-up can also harbour nasties. ‘Most products only last for a year once opened, so it might be time to ditch that old eyeliner,’ reveals SJ Froom, international make-up artist for Bare Minerals. ‘Be particularly careful with mascaras – they should be changed every two to three months.’ The good news? It’s an excuse to splash out on new products! You could replace your worse-for-wear eyeliner with a smart liquid formula, such as NEW Benefit Roller Liner Eyeliner*, which has a felt tip for smooth application and dries to a matte finish. And treat lashes to Max Factor Volume Infusion Mascara. With keratin and biotin, it nourishes as well as amping up the volume.

Products to change in spring


As any beauty devotee knows, SPF is essential all year. But if you’ve been using a lower factor during winter, it’s time to switch it up. ‘I recommend using products with an SPF year-round, but as the days get longer a high factor is a must,’ says Rebecca. Opting for a moisturising day cream that contains high-level sun protection means you can streamline your SPF application and your everyday regime. We love YourGoodSkin SPF30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream (75ml) EXCLUSIVE. The oil-free formula offers deep hydration, plus it’s non-comedogenic, so shouldn’t block pores.

Storage hunters

How you keep your products can affect how well they work. Here’s what the experts advise

1. Check lids are on tightly ‘If you want your products to last, ensure the lids are screwed on properly,’ says Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit’s head make-up artist. The longer they’re exposed to the air, the quicker they’ll go off or dry out.1.

2. Wash beauty bags, too. ‘There’s no point in cleaning your brushes and putting them back in a dirty make-up bag,’ says Aimee. ‘So be sure to tidy up your bag, too, even if you just swipe it with an antibacterial wipe.’ Or pop fabric bags in the washing machine.

3. Use your fridge as temperatures rise, storing lipsticks and creams in the fridge can help stop them melting or separating. ‘Plus, it can have cooling benefits for your skin,’ says Dr Neuser


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