Meet your new hair guru!

Dream of having a celebrity stylist on speed dial? We can’t quite promise that – but we do have the next best thing from Kristen Ess

Those days when you wake up and your hair seems determined to do its own thing? We get it. Sometimes ‘perfect hair’ just isn’t going to happen. That’s when you need to embrace the chaos and go with ‘perfectly imperfect’ instead.

So says celebrity stylist Kristin Ess. If you have a wavy lob, thank Kristin – she was one of the first stylists to chop and texturize her clients’ hair into this popular style. And with more than a million Instagram posts on #lob, women everywhere are benefiting from her tricks of the trade to get low-maintenance, high-impact locks.

And now you can get in on the action, with the launch of the Kristin Ess Hair collection in Boots – high-end products for real women that won’t break the bank. The range, including cleansers, conditioners and dry- and wet-styling products, is based on her insight into the kind of haircare the average woman really needs to create beautiful styles that don’t look like they’ve tried too hard.

Each product in the collection has been designed to be either used alone, integrated into your current haircare routine or paired with other products in the line. The lightweight formulas mean they’re versatile and easy to use – and they can be layered up without weighing down hair, so you’ll be able to create the right texture for your style.

All the products are formulated with a clever Zip-Up Technology, a strengthening complex designed to literally ‘zip up’ split ends, as well as smooth the appearance of damaged cuticles. All while helping to protect your hair from environmental stressors and colour fade. So if you want your hair to look glossy and healthy but not too ‘done’, then this range is for you.


Clean sweep

The One Signature Shampoo. Sulphate-free, it makes a frothy lather that leaves hair squeaky clean, yet nourished and shiny.

Kirstin Ess Shampoo

Sweetness and light

The One Signature Conditioner. Ideal for all hair types, it’s so lightweight, it can be used daily without any build-up.

Smooth operator

Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Moisture Mask. Perfect for locks that need a moisture boost, it leaves them feeling soft and tangle-free.

Shine on

Weightless Hydration Leave-in Conditioner. Just the thing for bringing dull and tangled hair back to life. Spritz over freshly washed tresses for instant gloss.

Effortless bounce

Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray. Spray on to dry locks for glossy, softly textured beachy hair – not a crispy strand in sight!

Turn up the volume

Dry Finish Working Texture Spray. Want hair that has an easy, lived-in look? Just focus the spray on roots and mid-sections.