Let’s kick stigma into touch

Lil-Lets believes periods shouldn’t stop anyone living their best life

You run, you kick, you swim, you stretch, you dance. Then you stop. Every month, too many women put their lives on hold and too many girls skip PE, just because they’ve got their period. It’s time to change that!

Taking part in sport is an amazing way to look after your physical and mental wellbeing. From boosting mind and body confidence to reducing period cramps, staying fit and active can make a huge difference to our lives. You wouldn’t give up sleep, or eating fruit and veg, just because you’ve got your period. So why give up exercise?

The right protection

Fortunately, with the right protection you don’t have to. Lil-Lets will have you covered, with their super-soft pads and the widest range of tampon absorbencies available in the UK – with six different sizes to suit every flow and every body. Their tampons expand widthways not lengthways, giving you extra protection against leaks and keeping you feeling comfortable for longer.

And because starting your period can seem like a whole new ball game, Lil-Lets have a range specifically designed for teens, too. With pads, liners and tampons all shaped to fit younger bodies, their Teens Starter Pack is the perfect addition to kitbags, so you can be match-day ready.



Lil-Lets are passionate about inspiring women and girls to experience the benefits of sport, without letting something as normal as a period get in the way. That’s why they’re a proud official supporter of Everton Women’s Football Club, to inspire more women to discover what a difference playing sports, such as football, can make to their lives.

What’s more, Lil-Lets are providing free tampons and pads at stadiums and in Everton community facilities, to help beat period poverty – because sanitary protection should be a right, not a luxury.

You don’t have to take up skiing or skydiving just because you’ve got your period, but you should be free to carry on living your best life. So, forget missing out – run, kick, swim, stretch and dance all month long!

Score big!

As part of their support of Everton Women’s Football Club, Lil-Lets is giving an amateur junior club (up to 25 players of any gender, aged 10 to 18 years) the chance to win an amazing training session with the club’s coaches*. Click here to find out more and enter.


*Ts&Cs apply.