Getting Ready With... Jessica Alba

We join the actor and beauty entrepreneur for her daily routine, while having a sneak peek in her make-up bag
Alamy, Shutterstock, Unsplash

Where are we?

In my dressing room. The kids are everywhere, so it’s my only space!

What are you getting ready for?

I have a studio around the corner, where I shoot content for my YouTube channel. Then I have meetings for [my wellness brand] The Honest Company.

Is anyone else joining us?

Just me! I had a workout at 6.30am with [my daughter] Honor [who is aged 12], took a shower, put a face mask on, got dressed and did my make-up. I’ve been doing glam since I was 12!

Any snacks on the go? 

I usually have two drinks with me and a little food. Today it’s a veggie omelette (which my husband, Cash, made), a coffee and water.

Any whizz-bang make-up tools?

I like EcoTools brushes. I always try to support businesses that align with my values.

What’s the one product you’ll definitely be using?

Mascara: Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Primer. I blink my lashes through the brush. My daughters have watched me do this so many times that when we did Halloween make-up, they put it on perfectly.

Hair or make-up?

Definitely make-up. I’m not good at hair – my arms get tired! I put Honest Baby Gently Nourishing Conditioner on the ends, then leave it to dry naturally.

What’s the best make-up trick someone else has taught you?

The spot conceal: you just put foundation or concealer where you need it and blend it out.

Nails: DIY or a pro job?

The girls who do my nails also teach my daughters art. They do an art class with the girls, then do my nails. I usually get a French [manicure].

Fancy fragrance or au naturel?

I don’t usually wear perfume, because I’m allergic to so many things. I recently made my own fragrance at home, using jasmine, vanilla, rose oil and a little sandalwood, which I put in alcohol.

Let’s play ‘Beauty would you rather’
Bronzer OR blusher?

I love bronzer. Honest Beauty Luminizing Glow Powder contains mica and looks good on all skin tones.