Increase your energy in unexpected ways

5 ways to… help get rid of tiredness. Follow these simple (but genius) cheats and, come party season, there’ll be no falling asleep at work. You’re welcome!
  1. Chew yourself awake: We’ve all been there – you’re in a meeting, sitting opposite your boss, trying not to nod off while hiding massive yawns behind your hand. What to do? It can be as simple as… chewing gum. Yep, a study conducted on sleepy students and medical professionals (who often have to work through the night), found that chewing gum for 15 minutes helped alleviate sleepiness. Simples!
  2. Make H20 your hero: Bet you didn’t know that dehydration can make you feel knackered. According to a survey of 300 UK GPs, one in 10 cases of tiredness/fatigue they see is down to dehydration. So do your best to stick to the NHS guidelines of drinking 6-8 glasses of fluid a day. Tea and coffee counts (yay!), but water is the healthiest option. This Chilly’s Bottle in Coral Pastel (500ml), will keep it nicely chilled for up to 24 hours. It’s a no-brainer, people!
  3. Perfect your posture: Being tired might make you want to slouch, but this won’t do your posture – or your energy levels – any favours. In fact, a study found that sitting with upright posture reduced fatigue and increased positivity. If you’re struggling to keep your shoulders straight, you might want to get some help from the Neo G Light Clavicle/Posture Support
  4. Embrace the freeze: Have a cold shower. Studies done on those who play team sport found that immersion in cold water is a definite fatigue fighter. As an added bonus, scrub down with the lush-smelling, kind-to-skin Fenjal Vitality Body Wash (200ml)
  5. Play this in your car: ‘Hello’ by Adele, or ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake – or any other mid-tempo music you like. Why? It’s been shown to improve fatigue levels and attention span on a long drive. And make sure you belt out those tunes yourself, too, because a separate study found that singing can decrease feelings of tiredness. Time for some caraoke?