How to create the perfect eyeliner flick, whatever your eye shape

It’s one of the most iconic beauty looks of all time but probably the trickiest to master. Here’s how to nail an eyeliner flick every time
Photography: Stocksy

We asked celebrity make-up artist and KVD Vegan Beauty Cat Eye Ambassador Daniel Chinchilla (with a job title like that, how could we not ask him!) to share his top tips on how to create a perfect eyeliner flick, whatever your eye shape.

If you have deep-set eyes…

‘Don’t go too thick with your eyeliner flick, as it will make your eyes appear heavier. I always recommend applying a thinner line on the inside and making it thicker on the outside to create the illusion of opening up the eyes.’

If you have monolids…

‘You can go a little bit heavier and thicker but, again, start thinner on the insides of the eyes and gradually make the line thicker towards the outside. But first you need to find where your flick will finish. To do this, look at the outer edge of your brow and follow an imaginary line downwards, stopping about 1cm above your lash line – that’s where your flick will end. From that point, draw a line that runs parallel to your lash line, slowly taking it down, diagonally, so that it meets the lash line pretty much in the centre. Start small and build as you go, pausing mid-way to take a look in the mirror – with your eye open – to check the line, then draw a little more and repeat.’

If you have almond eyes…

‘Begin with one swipe from the outer corners of your eyes towards the ends of your brows. Next, bring the wing inwards by connecting the tip of your first line back towards the corners of your eyes to create a triangle, then fill in. You can control how thin you make your line with how much pressure you apply, and I always advise to line with a purpose. Envisage where you are going with the liner before you start – and be confident.’

If you have mature eyes…

‘Always start at the end, where your flick is going to finish, then create the line that goes towards your eye to give you a nice lift. Don’t be scared to give the eye a little pull in the outer corner – this will help make the application much smoother. Make sure you use little strokes, as this will give you a lot more control.’

Our favourite eyeliners

Rimmel London Scandal’Eyes Soft Kajal Eye Pencil is really creamy and easy to use; plus, it’s jet black so has amazing pigment payoff.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner literally doesn’t budge, so is a great buy if you have quite greasy lids.

KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black has earned cult status – and rightly so. Inspired by a tattoo needle, the nib is super-fine, giving you lots of control and allowing you to create subtle fine lines as well as thicker, more dramatic ones.