How to create an at-home spa

Lockdown positive #1: It’s the perfect excuse for a pamper day (or two…)

We’ve been told to stay at home when possible, the whole world has gone a bit weird this year, and we’re all still feeling strange and slightly stressed. So it’s time to find some calm in all the chaos.

We recommend closing all the tabs in your brain, grabbing your best pampering products and getting ready to create a little sanctuary inside your four walls. Follow our top tips and turn your home into the best spa in town.

Select your space

For the true spa experience, choose a comfortable room where you can close the blinds, dim the lights and prepare to completely relax. And to add some extra spa authenticity to your pampering session, switch on an air diffuser with a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil. It will delicately diffuse your chosen fragrance around the room, creating an instant zen moment. Aaahh…

Choose calming scents

Escape the chaos and head to your happy place with a soothing scent. Create a sense of calm with a twinkling candle, such as the Tisserand Aromatherapy Time To Unwind Collection. Not only does it smell gorgeous, scented with geranium, orange and nutmeg, but it comes with a matching calming mist and rollerball, all of which you can use to help you get a good night’s slumber (remember to blow the candle out before you hit the pillow). Talking of which, if you’ve been struggling to get more than 40 winks at a time, spritz Boots Sleepeaze Pillow Mist Lavender to help you drift off to the land of nod.

Spa-worthy soundtrack

You know you’re in a spa when you can hear soothing, plinky music – and there’s no reason not to do the same at home. Download a meditation music playlist and start your spa day with some deep breathing to really relax your body and mind. Do a few gentle stretches to help ease any tension in your muscles.

Hide behind a mask

Nothing says spa-time like a face mask or three. Sheet masks are a great, no-fuss, no-mess option and there’s  one for every skin type and result you could want. Give stressed-out skin a break with Garnier PureActive Charcoal Anti Blackhead Peel-Off Mask. This pore-purifying mask helps draw out impurities, so you’re left with a more balanced complexion to match your mood – and it’s really satisfying to peel off.

Dreamy soak

It’s time to bring the spa experience to your humble bathtub. Once you’ve filled nearly half the bath, pop a bath bomb under the hot tap for an uplifting treat – plus, how soothing is it to watch it slowly dissolve? You could even add a sprinkle of magic to your tub-time with Westlab Pure Mineral Bathing Himalayan Pink Salt. Watch the colours fizz, foam and swirl together, while you drift off into your own world.

Massage in moisturiser

After your relaxing bath, finish with a generous layer of your most indulgent body and face moisturisers. A great tip is to apply the body moisturiser while your skin is still damp to really get the benefit, and take time – after all, you have it – to really massage it in properly.

Create a sense of calm with Liz Earle Superskin Dry Oil for Body. To pep up your complexion post-mask, hit ‘refresh’ with a spritz of Florence By Mills Zero Chill Face Mist. You can also enlist some of your evening skincare routine heroes for a real treat. Apply No7 Hydraluminous Overnight Recovery Gel Cream EXCLUSIVE, and why not add a few drops of your favourite facial oil for an extra-special pampering treat.

Best foot forward

Top off all that hard spa-ing work by putting your feet up and pampering those toes. Slather on a rich foot treatment or pop on some super-moisturising foot socks. Then sit back and relax!

We love Boots Coconut Oil Moisturising Foot Socks, which leave tootsies feeling super-soft and cared for – and the coconut scent gives off amazing island vibes. Finish with a pop of your favourite nail colour – the brighter, the better!

Turn off the news bulletins for a bit and make the most of your new-found me-time. Staying in… it’s the new excuse to go all-out when it comes to pampering!