How to be the perfect holiday companion

Travel tips to help you have fun in the sun and avoid those holiday arguments
Photography Getty Images, Pixeleyes
1. Pack smart

A quick way to annoy your other half on hols? Ask to borrow their SPF/beach towel/charger because you’ve forgotten yours. Download a helpful (and free) packing app, such as TripList* or PackPoint**, so you can tick off all your essentials as you go.

2. Banish boredom

One in five of all summer flights out of the UK is delayed; cue frustration, which can easily turn into silly spats. The answer? Bring a stash of emergency entertainment. Download comedian Adam Buxton’s podcasts – we like his humour and his chats with celebrities such as Kathy Burke and Louis Theroux.

3. Try to be a perfect passenger

As backseat drivers are one of the main causes of arguments on car journeys, it’s a good idea to have a rota for map-reading and driving. Apple Maps and Google Maps are great, and Waze Navigation & Live Traffic** offers real-time traffic information (all free). A pre-agreed driving playlist might help, too.

4. Go gadget-free

Around a third of Europeans argue about the amount of time we spend glued to our smartphones, so agreeing on a ‘no-gadget hour’ – especially at mealtimes – is a good way to avoid flare-ups. And as an added incentive, whoever breaks first for a scroll through their Insta Stories picks up the restaurant bill! We feel a digital detox coming on…

5. Be clear about cash

One of the top relationship strains on couples is money, according to research. So to avoid financial disagreements on holiday, work out between you how much you’re going to spend before you go. Another top tip? Get a Monzo†† digital bank account and set a spending limit (it’ll notify you if you’re burning through the cash). Plus, you can make payments for free when using a Monzo card in shops and restaurants abroad.

"A third of Europeans argue about the time we spend glued to our mobile phones"
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†Free at the time of going to print; data charges may apply. *Available for iPhone only. **Available for iPhone and Android. ††monzo.com; data charges may apply. ‡Available in selected stores.