Colouring hair at home: Josh Wood’s pro tricks

Celebrity colourist, Josh Wood gives his 10 home hair dye tips every wannabe colourist needs

1. Condition it
‘Use a deep-conditioning mask before you are going to colour – it really helps with the porosity of your hair, thus giving a more even result.’

2. Test a patch
‘Always do a patch test (where you put the colour behind your ear) and ideally a strand test (where you put the colour on your hair) to check you don’t react to the colour. Once you’ve done that, you can get going.’

3. Put up a barrier
To prevent hair dye staining your skin, apply a barrier cream around your hairline. These aren’t included in all home colour kits so you can use Vaseline. However, there is a dedicated one in the Josh Wood Colour kit. ‘It makes the process of washing off easier. But be aware, it is a barrier, if you get it on to your hair, the colour won’t take in that section.’

4. Section smart
‘Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair beforehand; smooth hair means you won’t get clumps of colour or missed patches. Then, split your hair into a “hot cross bun” i.e. four sections. Try and keep your sections neat, so you can track what parts have been coloured and what haven’t. Section the hair as you go along, using the comb, or even the tip of the colour bottle.’

5. Dot it
‘I recommend using the “dotting method” when applying colour. Dotting the colour on in a line along your section parting, and then rubbing the dots in to your roots for maximum coverage before working into the lengths.’

6. Root out greys
‘Technique really is everything. Take your time and make sure you’ve caught every last hair. Stubborn greys tend to appear around your hairline, so it’s worth paying particular attention to this area as well as your roots.’

7. Reflect it
‘Colouring the back of your head is, undeniably, the hardest part of home hair colouring. Naturally, you will rely on “feel”, but if you use the double mirror method (a handheld mirror reflecting the back of your head into a larger mirror), you will be able to see clearly if you’ve missed a spot. Or getting someone to help is even better.’

8. Go bespoke
‘If hair is already coloured don’t leave the colour on the ends as long as you do the roots, or the ends will look too dark and dense – or what we call professionally “heavy”. You can always use a semi-permanent on the ends rather than a permanent colour, this will add tone and shine without any risk of the hair looking too dark.’

9. Clean up
‘After rinsing your colour you can use the stain remover wipes, which you will find included with your Josh Wood Colour to help remove an unwanted colour around the hairline.’

10. Hydrate!
‘Use a hydrating mask straight after colouring. Hydration is key to the colour and your hair looking shiny and healthy.’