Your holiday health checklist

From jabs to fighting jet lag, we've got you covered


‘If you’re going abroad, ideally you should seek travel-health advice six to eight weeks before departure,’ says Boots pharmacist Scot Taylor. ‘But we may still be able to help if you’re travelling last-minute.’ You can use the Quick Check Tool to see what risks of diseases are found in the countries you’re visiting, then book an appointment in store with the Boots Travel Vaccinations and Health Advice Service† – and that’s one thing ticked off the holiday health checklist.


Move: 55% of people say yoga helps them get better shut-eye, so search for ‘sleep yoga’ videos on YouTube.

Munch: Foods rich in magnesium turn what we eat into energy. Opt for wholegrain bread, green, leafy veg, nuts, fish and meat.

Rest: As your normal slumber pattern has been disturbed, try to change your schedule to the new time zone as quickly as possible – and set an alarm to avoid oversleeping in the morning.

Smell: The scent of lavender could help you feel relaxed. Consider Tisserand Aromatherapy Lavender & Chamomile Treatment Roller Ball, on pulse points at ‘bedtime’.

Plan: Adjusting our body clocks is all about light exposure. Download the Timeshifter app – it’ll give you tips on pre-travel lifestyle changes to make, when you should avoid caffeine and the best times to eat meals while travelling long-haul.



With YouGov research finding almost a quarter of us don’t use sunscreen, it’s time for new suncare holiday habits this year. Download UVLens for UV forecasts around the world, so you can plan the best times to be outside, what sun protection you need, and even your burn risk. And follow these top to toe tips…

Scalp: Obviously, it’s all about a sun hat, but take extra care with Soltan Head & Scalp Clear & Cool Protect Suncare Spray SPF30 Boots Exclusive.

Eyes: Reflected sunlight from sand, concrete and water is particularly harmful to our eyes. So sunglasses should never be under UV 400, and look for wraparound lenses or wide arms with the ‘CE’ mark and European Standard (EN 1836:2005).

Lips: Wear a lip balm with SPF, such as Blistex Ultra Lip Balm SPF50+ .

Arms/legs/torso: Use a product with a five-star UVA rating. Try Soltan Protect & Moisturise Lotion SPF30  Boots Exclusive.

Don’t forget: The soles of your feet and, according to recent research, your eyelids! Be prepared with No7 Shimmering Lip & Eye Screen SPF30 Boots Exclusive.

Worried about your skin? The Mole Scanning Service‡ at selected Boots stores can assess your concerns.


While away, you may want to delay your period. Check out the Period Delay Online Clinic for an online consultation with a Boots clinician. If the service is suitable for you, a prescription-only treatment can delay your period (for up to 17 days).††

†Available in approximately 300 stores. Service suitable for adults and children over two years. Eligibility criteria apply. Subject to specially trained pharmacist and stock availability; charges apply. ††Subject to stock availability and clinician approval; charges apply.