Have you got MADE? (That’s Mask-Associated Dry Eyes)

Dry, irritated eyes? Spotty chin? The Eye Doctor and The Body Doctor are here to help…
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As if maskne and smudged lipstick weren’t annoying enough side-effects of our mask-wearing lives, it turns out face coverings can also aggravate dry eyes – just when we need them to be at their sparkling best!

So whether it’s upping your mask game or treating your eyes to some TLC, there are ways to #wearamaskplease and still sidestep the fallout!

It’s a cover-up

Noticed a few more pimples sprouting on your chin recently? Mandatory use of face coverings may help stop germs spreading to others, but unfortunately they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Couple that with a lack of breathability and ‘hello, spots’.

Thankfully, The Body Doctor has got your back with the AB Mask, its Reusable Antibacterial Face Mask. It kills 99.9% bacteria, thanks to its special layer and is washable up to 100 times! Just the good news our chins need.

Dry eyes MADE better

Central heating, plus endless Zoom calls, are already going to take their toll on your poor hard-working eyes – add in mask-wearing and you’ve got the perfect recipe for irritated, parched peepers. In fact, experts have even given this new condition its own name: MADE (mask-associated dry eyes). It’s thought this is caused by your warm breath escaping through the top of your mask and blowing over the surface of your eyes. Ouch.

The first step is to make sure your mask fits securely against your face to limit the amount of air escaping, but if you’re still suffering, a compress could offer sweet relief. The Eye Doctor Premium Hot & Cold Eye Compress can be heated or used cold to soothe symptoms, while helping you to relax away everyday stresses, as well as dry eyes. Its antibacterial washable cover means it can be used over and over again, too.

Refreshing news

If you’re piling on the mascara to compensate for the lack of lipstick, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re cleaning your eyes properly at the end of the day – especially if you suffer from that gritty, dry feeling. The Eye Doctor Lid Wipes are a handy solution – the sterile wipes are a hygienic way to refresh your eyes and are ideal used after The Eye Doctor Premium Hot & Cold Eye Compress, too, for a really reviving eye treat.