5 ways to hack your happiness

Here are some really simple ways to feel happier – so you can keep smiling throughout 2020
1. Plan a trip

It doesn’t need to be a 5-star, long-haul getaway either – research has found that the simple act of planning a jaunt ups our happy factor compared with those of us not going anywhere. Sure, that might sound obvious, but it’s an important reminder that anticipation is a powerful thing. *opens Trip Advisor*

2. Bury your head in a book

If you immediately think ‘I’m too busy!’, here’s why it’s worth carving out regular time to read. University of Liverpool research found that reading has the unique ability to empower us to embark on positive journeys in life, connect us with others and make us feel happier in our own skin. Our pick of the biggest talking-point books of early 2020? American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, about a woman fleeing a drug cartel to cross the US/Mexico border.

3. Be a culture vulture

That gallery you’ve always wanted to visit, or that exhibition that you fancy – just book it! A study of 40,000 adults in the UK found that cultural pursuits can increase your overall life satisfaction, so it might be a good time to finally see the Tutankhamun exhibition in London before the treasures return to Egypt forever?

4. Have a whiff of this

Jasmine and vanilla! A study found that when participants were massaged with jasmine oil, it resulted in them not only feeling more alert, but also more uplifted. That’s some serious flower power right there. And as research showed we associate the smell of vanilla with relaxation benefits, you get the best of both, mixed in with myrrh and dark musk, in this lush Sanctuary Spa White Jasmine & Myrrh Candle*

5. Get moving

Sorry to come over all broken record about it, but there’s more proof every day about the benefits of exercise. In fact, a big US study of more than 1 million people found that exercise is more beneficial to your mental health than financial stability. All exercise types were associated with a lower mental health burden than not exercising, but big winners were popular team sports, cycling and aerobic and gym activities as well as durations of 45 minutes and frequencies of three to five times per week. Keep tabs on your movement with this Fitbit Inspire in Black. And sweat yourself happy!


*Never leave a burning candle unattended