Getting ready with: Huda Kattan's beauty secrets

We join the make-up artist, blogger and entrepreneur for her daily routine
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Where are we?

In normal times I like to get ready in my office: it’s a calm space where I get ready and draw inspiration while I try new formulas and products.

What time is it?

7:30am: I get ready early so I can get in the zone for the day.

What are you wearing?

I live in slippers, leggings and a tank top! I wear black when I’m working so I don’t have to worry about my clothes when I’m being messy and creative with make-up

Are we listening to anything?

Hip-hop and classical music – I put them on full blast and sing my heart out.

How is your make-up stored?

In acrylic drawers and storage units: I’m obsessed with being organised, and I separate products by category.

Any whizz-bang tools – or are you using your fingers?

I have soooo many brushes, I’ve lost count! I used to make sure my brows were symmetrical with a calliper [a small device for measuring distance], but now I’ve perfected the technique without one.

How do you prep your skin for a typical make-up look?

I exfoliate with NEW Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub *, then follow with a hydrating sheet mask and loads of moisturiser. My skin is very dry, so I spend a lot of time creating a good base for my make-up.

Do you like what you see in the mirror?

I’ve learned to feel comfortable in my own skin and love both cake face and bare face now – real skin is beautiful skin!

Is there one product you’ll definitely be using regardless of venue or time constraints?

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Pencil – I only apply it once and it doesn’t budge.

Anything we’d be surprised to find in your make-up stash?

Little notes from my daughter, Nour, or my husband.

Nails: DIY or a pro job?

Pro – I get them done every two weeks (in normal non-Covid times) and it takes a few hours each time. My hands are always on show when unboxing products, so I take a lot of pride in my nails.


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