Behind the Brand: meet Tara Chandra, co-founder of Flo femcare

We find out how friends Tara Chandra and Susan Allen created a brand all about making periods empowering, affordable and planet-friendly...
Photography: Alamy, Tara Chandra

I met Susan at university, and we instantly became besties.

Susan was like: ‘We should start a business.’ Neither of us had that sort of background; we were just dreaming out loud.

That’s when I suggested organic period care. Supermarkets stocked organic apples and oat milk, but not organic or sustainable period products. We found there was a real gap in the market for an organic brand that would also inspire people to be more open about periods.

Over the following two years, we built our business case. We did lots of research, from focus groups to surveys.

We say: ‘Your period isn’t fun, but your products can be.’ The ice-cream tub packaging is a wink to period cravings. We wanted Flo to feel like your best mate, with products that are affordable, accessible and adorable.

Sustainability was a huge priority. Flo Non-Applicator Organic Tampons are 100% biodegradeable, while Flo Winged And Ultra-Thin Bamboo Pads are made from 100% organic bamboo and have biodegradable wrappers.

We give 5% of our profits to women and girls in need. Our primary charitable partner is the Orchid Project, which works to end female genital cutting (FGC).

A famous British comedian said that our tampons are like ‘a cloud in her vagina’. And it’s really cool that Flo products are in bathroom scenes in the upcoming seasons of This Is Us and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Sadly, female bodily functions are still a source of shame – and we want to be part of helping to remove the stigma.


Tara’s must-haves

Boucleme Intensive Moisutre Treatment

Thanks to its hydrating Marula oil, Bouclème Intensive Moisture Treatment is ideal for my curly, dry hair.


Lollipop Liner

Beauty Bakerie Lollipop Liner ticks all the boxes: it’s rich, smudge-proof, vegan* and a Black-owned brand to boot!


Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste

My dentist recommended Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste (75ml) for my sensitive teeth.

*Certifying body is Peta.