What it takes to... fight hygiene poverty

Our 2019 Wellness Warrior winner, Lizzy Hall, 50, from Kent, founded The Hygiene Bank so no one in poverty need go without essential toiletries
Victoria Adamson

‘Setting up The Hygiene Bank has given me a purpose that I feel blessed and lucky to have’

‘Hygiene poverty had never occurred to me until I watched the film, I, Daniel Blake, where someone is caught shoplifting tampons, razors and deodorant. I asked family and friends for donations – and two collection boxes and an Instagram page later, The Hygiene Bank was born.’

People power

‘The charity’s success is all about the power of communities. Anyone can set one up, then a network of volunteers encourages people to donate products such as shampoo to be sorted and distributed to charities such as food banks.’

Future plans

‘We’re launching National Hygiene Week on 14-20 September, and growing our reach into schools, so kids don’t miss out on classes due to hygiene poverty.’

Vote for your 2020 wellness warrior!

Lizzy won our Wellness Warrior category at the 2019 Women Of The Year Awards. ‘It was amazing and gave me an even bigger platform to spread the word about hygiene poverty,’ she said. So, if you know someone doing something noteworthy in the healthand wellness space, nominate them for this year’s award at bootshealthandbeauty.com/wellnesswarrior2020entry*.


For more info and details on how to donate,
go to thehygienebank.com

*Entries close at 11.59pm on 16 June 2020