Festive make-up hacks when wearing a mask

However we're allowed to celebrate Christmas, we’re still planning to indulge in some festive glam. This year it just needs to work with your face covering and stay put until curfew

Please follow whichever COVID-19-related restrictions apply to you and where you live

We sat down with NARS Lead Artist for the UK and Ireland Rachel Hardie to find out all her top tips on how to ensure our make-up stays put and looks fab this festive period, face mask and all.


How to do lipstick + face covering

‘Wearing a face mask shouldn’t mean you can’t wear lipstick. The key is to choose a long-wearing product. NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment has been put to the test and will stay put with your mask, I promise! However, there are some clever things you can do with your favourite lippy. Take a tissue and separate the plys so you have one thin, single ply. Apply one layer of your lipstick and lightly press the tissue over the top. Then, using an eyeshadow brush, pat on a loose setting powder. This will help seal your colour.’


Your Covid Christmas go-to look

‘There’s no doubt that because of face coverings, more attention goes towards our eyes, so I think the most important product for your Christmas make-up looks this year is mascara. Now is the time to really accentuate your lashes and make them look as impactful as possible. If you haven’t got much time but want to do a little something else, softly blend in eyeliner. If you have dark features, a black liner is always a winner; if you’re fairer, then brown or grey looks great. I tend to blend the eyeliner out with a brush, but you can use your fingers, too.’


’Tis the season to glow

‘Lots of people don’t want to wear loads of make-up at the moment, choosing to keep everything, especially their base, quite light and glowy instead. Which again, because you can get a lot of make-up transfer when putting on and taking off your mask, makes perfect sense. To do this, prep your skin with the skincare that works for you – I start with the NARS Radiance Primer SPF35, which gives a base level of hydration, but also adds an instant energy. Then I really recommend ditching the tools and using your fingers to apply your base, and press and roll it into the skin. This will ensure a light, even coverage that really blends in, looks more natural and stays put longer. If you need some extra concealer, do that afterwards, just on the areas that need it. And then I’d recommend setting your make-up with a really finely milled powder, focusing around the mouth area where your mask sits, to help your make-up last. This will also maximise that glowing-from-within effect.’


Throw glitter at the situation

‘This is the one time of year when glitter doesn’t feel out of place – and, after the time we’ve had, why not go for it?! Glitter looks great with a matte base; even if it’s adding just a hint of sparkle to the centre of your eye, it looks so gorgeous. Have fun with it.’

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Catwalk photos: John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG