The everyday activist: easy ideas to help the environment

Lockdown has increased Health & Beauty’s Helen Daly’s appreciation of Planet Earth with these green goals
Illustration: Toby Neilan

Green-up your routine

Global lockdown highlighted a positive human impact on the environment (ie we stayed home and people in North India could see the Himalayan mountain ranges for the first time in 30 years!). I’m using it as a ‘reset’: so not only am I changing to a renewable energy supplier, pronto, I’ll be walking a lot more, too. Maybe I’ll even brave a bicycle!

Be a plant hero

Poor plants also suffered in the pandemic, due to nurseries having to close. Now they’ve opened again, I’m going to turn my living room into a homage to nature and invest in pots of indoor sunflowers, ferns and peace lilies to make working from home blooming lovely!

Donate and create

Mental health charity Mind is holding virtual Crafternoon fundraisers (recent projects include upcycled jars and origami garlands). It’s a way to use up bits and bobs in your drawer while also raising funds for better mental health. Visit mind.org.uk for more info.

Support your local milkie

During quarantine there was a surge in popularity for the old-school milkman (or woman) – so why not keep it up? After all, it helps local workers and dairies, and the milk often comes in reusable bottles, too.

Cut back on streaming

Netflix saved us during lockdown, but all those hours of viewing emit carbon. So now we’re allowed out more, I’m saying bye-bye to box-set binges – and I may even catch up on some reading.