Don’t make these oral health mistakes in lockdown!

There are some surprising fails you might be making without realising – and needing a dentist during a global pandemic is not ideal! So with help from Curaprox Interdental brushes, we’ve compiled these top tooth-saving tips. You’re welcome.

1. Brushing straight after eating

Hold it right there! Many foods and drinks contain sugar and acids (your morning OJ, for example, is both sugary and acidic), which can weaken tooth enamel. So brushing immediately after consuming them can cause particles of enamel to be brushed away! The rule: wait at least an hour after eating.

2. Drinking sparkling water

Keeping hydrated gets the thumbs up. But if your preference is sparkling water, think again. All carbonated drinks are acidic so if you drink fizzy water a lot, your teeth won’t be happy.

3. Snacking on dried fruit

Sure it’s nutritious, but the likes of sugary dates and figs tend to get stuck in your teeth – creating a place for bacteria to get comfy and produce acid.

4. Not flossing because your gums bleed

Cleaning between your teeth is essential, and initially a little blood is normal as you start to get rid of plaque. An interdental brush is a key tool for this that should be used once a day to help prevent gum disease (a toothbrush only reaches 60% of each tooth – three of its five surfaces – while an interdental brush can remove food and plaque from that extra 40%). The Curaprox Interdental Starter Kit makes it easy: it includes five brush tips in different sizes, plus two handles that you re-use instead of binning (one for front teeth, and a longer one to reach the back) – thus saving your teeth and the environment!

Curaprox Starter kit

5. Crunching ice

This might seem a better option than crunching sweets, but it can cause wear and tear on the enamel and tooth structure, so it’s best left in the bottom of your glass.

6. Scrubbing teeth several times a day

Focus on quality, not quantity – if you brush too hard, too often, you can damage your enamel and gums. So pick a soft-bristled toothbrush, and gently massage those gnashers for two minutes, twice a day.


How to use your interdental brushes

1. Choose the right brush size for each space between your teeth, and don’t force it. Curaprox brush tips come in a range of sizes, including Curaprox Prime Refill in 07 and 08 (both 8-pack)

2. Insert the brush into the space at gum level; gently push it in, then pull it out. Do this once for each space.

If your gums continue to bleed after a few days, check in with your dentist for advice.

Curaprox prime refill