Cold and flu busters (that actually work)

Blocked nose? Sore throat? We've got your cold and flu treatment covered
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Get lemon aid

Replace your usual cuppa with a herbal tea. Why? The dairy in that milky brew could make your cold- or flu-induced mucus feel thicker. Grim. We rate soothing Pukka Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey Herbal Tea Sachet.

Take that duvet day

You can spread flu just by breathing. And with news of a 57% rise over the last nine years in organisations reporting their employees turning up for work when unwell, it’s time to think of others and stay under the duvet if you have flu!

Think about a jab

Turns out 18-44-year-olds reported the highest number of influenza-like illnesses in the UK in 2017/18, according to Flusurvey results (a joint venture between The London School Of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Public Health England). If that’s not a sign more of us need to have the flu vaccination, then what is? Struggling to get an appointment with your GP? Book an appointment with our Winter Flu Jab Service* at

Get shower power

Hot water is a natural humidifier, helping to open nasal passages, loosen dried mucus (lovely!) and clear airways. If flu has you burning up, and you’re feeling up to it, try a warm shower: it increases blood flow to the skin, which helps cool your core and can bring down your temperature.

Keep a handle on it

Cold-causing microbes can survive for up to 24 hours outside the body. If you’re surrounded by snifflers, help stay protected by washing your hands regularly with Boots Aloe Vera Antibacterial Hand Soap.

Feed a cold

Yes really! A nutrient-rich menu – including fruit, veg and wholegrains – can help comfort a cold. Sure, you might crave a ‘beige buffet’ of food, but unhealthy choices could promote inflammation, which’ll make you feel worse. Sorry!

Kit yourself out

  • Boots Dual Defence is a nasal spray that can help shorten the duration of colds and flu-like symptoms when used at the first signs.
  • ColdZyme Mouth Spray forms a protective barrier in your throat – useful if everyone around you is coughing and sneezing.
  • Lemsip Cold & Flu helps relieve aches, pains, nasal congestion and temperatures associated with colds and flu. Contains paracetamol; always read the leaflet.
*Service for those aged 16 years and over is available in most Boots pharmacies; service for children aged 11-15 years is available in selected stores (injectable vaccination only); subject to availability; charges may apply. **Seek medical advice if you have flu and are pregnant, are 65 or over, have a long-term medical condition, or symptoms last more than seven days. †Available in selected stores.