My Wellness Wins: astrologer Carolyne Faulkner

The life coach and founder of Dynamic Astrology on grounding meditation, full moon manifestation and upping your wellbeing in line with the stars

My morning ritual… is to chime my Tibetan singing bowl, light a candle and meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes to ground and settle my energy. Then I’ll make a cup of tea, turn on Radio 6 and open my laptop. A lot of people are quite frazzled at the moment, so giving yourself time to ground and be peaceful first thing in the morning sets you up for the day.

My bedtime routine is… sometimes meditation or I’ll light some candles and incense and practice bedtime yoga for 10-15 minutes. I’m a fully qualified vinyasa flow teacher and at night I do a lot of floor work and hip openers to release stagnant energy. When it’s a full moon I struggle to sleep but it’s an opportunity for manifestation. Get in the bath, light some candles, put in some Epsom salts and when you’re finished, pull the plug but don’t get out. Imagine that as the water goes down the drain, it’s sucking everything you no longer need with it.

I always tell my loved ones… follow your bliss. I say this to my son [Kam, 25] frequently. Do things that make you happy and feel good about yourself. We live in a society where we always have to do something for a tangible reason when, actually, following your bliss is just doing something because you love it.

My favourite mantra is… be happy. It’s the best public service because happy people don’t hurt or squash others. I ask my clients, ‘if you found out you only had one week to live, would you be doing what you’re doing?’ None of us know how long we’ve got here. Life is so precious and short.

I love to cook… from scratch with amazing, organic ingredients. I’m 90% vegan and have been vegetarian for 13 years. I like to cook anything in a wok, something like miso ramen with coconut milk and fresh organic vegetables. I find cooking very therapeutic.

My favourite way of relaxing is… music. I sit and put playlists together for hours.

Exercise to me involves… half running, half jogging about two miles at least three times a week. I’ve been doing that for years. Every other day I’ll do 20 minutes of yoga. Exercise helps move the flow of energy so, for me, wellbeing has to balance the mental, spiritual and physical.

My biggest turn on… is feeling free. I love being next to an ocean where you can’t hear any cars or see any traffic. That space makes me feel truly connected to the earth. Most of us are very sensitive people and I can pick up on people’s energy and feelings, so I’m not good with big crowds.

The bad habit I’m glad I’ve kicked… is television. I got rid of my TV when my son was 12 because I didn’t want my life to be dominated by it. I do watch things on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I’m in control of what I watch.

I inject positivity into my life by… being around people I love being around. I know a lot of people, but I only have a few good friends. They’re very high-vibrational people. I don’t like people who gossip or are negative, but we all have to deal with them. If someone is being critical of a person or gossiping, I’ll say something positive. If they still don’t respond after saying two more positive things, they’re gone.

No. 1 on my gratitude list is… doing something that I feel is of value and I love doing.

Your Stars: An Empowering Guide for 2020 by Carolyne Faulkner is out now.