Bobbi Brown’s wellness tips for 2020

The creator of new supplement brand Evolution_18 gives us her tips and tricks for a healthy and happy new year
1. Is there one thing that you think everyone could do that would boost their wellness?

There’s more than one thing: increase the amount of plant-based foods you are eating. Meaning it’s time to stock up on more fruit and vegetables and decrease some of the bad things like soda and fried food.

2. What’s the first thing you would recommend everyone should do to start their day?

I personally drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning before I do anything else. Sometimes I put a little bit of sea salt in it – literally just the tiniest pinch.

3. And how about to end it?

I believe winding down is really important. And you do whatever you have to do, to do that. Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts and magnesium is great for helping you relax. Or have a cup of peppermint tea or a calming tea. Anything that signals to your body and brain that it’s time to wind down. I also make sure I close my iPad and pick up a book, and then I’m asleep!

4. Have you got any tips on how to use technology to boost your wellness rather than squash it?

Absolutely, I think technology is great and can aid wellness. First of all I really love a tracker for how many steps I’m taking. I have step competitions with people. I also love looking at nutritional chefs’ Instagram pages to be inspired with great recipes and ideas.

5. What’s the one piece of wellness advice you’d give everyone?

To find what’s fun and do it. It’s not just about what you don’t do, it’s what you do do. Being with friends and being social is such a big part of being well. Have fun and be around positive people with a good energy.


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