Age-defying starts here!

Move aside ‘anti-ageing’ – it’s time to start owning our age and being proud of it. From rejecting pressure to dress a certain way, to making peace with incontinence (thank you, Tena!), here’s our manifesto for growing old gloriously…

I will not be sidelined

Women start feeling invisible at the shockingly young age of 52, according to a recent survey. But we say: it’s time to reclaim your visibility! Just over a third of the UK’s population is 55+ and we’re all living longer (women have a life expectancy of 83) – and who wants to be feeling crap about themselves for decades? Not us! The key thing to remember is that invisibility is a state of mind, not a fact. So if you’re walking around thinking, ‘I’m old, why would anyone bother with me?’, this could be what you’re portraying on the outside. Remind yourself that people of all ages get overlooked all the time – it comes down to confidence. Start by downloading the NHS-approved Feeling Good app (free for iPhone and Android) to help build a more positive mindset.

I’m bringing sexy back

Contrary to popular opinion, millennials don’t own good sex – a 2018 survey found women age 45+ are very happy with all things nooky, and well over half are having it regularly. (This backs up the Public Health England figures that found women in the 55-64 bracket are the happiest with their sex lives compared with any other age groups.) High-five, sexy ladies! It seems that finishing menopause x no more fears about getting pregnant + the experience to know what you like/dislike = sensuality overload! If you want to keep that mojo going, tune into The Hotbed Collective Podcast: the hosts claim to make life better, one orgasm at a time. We’re so on board!

I will accept support when I need it

We all need a helping hand at times. Whether it’s assistance from loved ones, advice from your boss… or even a product that’ll make you feel less anxious about a particular issue. Take bladder leaks, for instance. If your ‘little accidents’ are a bit ad hoc, keep a few NEW Tena Silhouette Noir Liners and NEW Tena Silhouette Noir Pads in your various handbags. Like a supportive best friend, they’ll be there as back up any time you feel you might experience any little – or larger – leaks. And bonus: they’re discreet and black, so invisible in dark underwear, for an even greater confidence boost. It’ll mean you can enjoy life and go with the flow… without the flow causing you any woe!

I won’t be ashamed of little leaks

You’re far from alone: according to, more people suffer with bladder problems (male and female, of all ages) than with asthma or diabetes! You probably haven’t realised it’s so common because nobody talks about it. But we do! The most important thing to do if you’re experiencing little – or big – leaks is see your GP. The NHS website has more information. Remember: help is out there. And we’d love it if this was one more thing women stopped suffering through in silence.

I will wear what I want

We all get bombarded with online lists with things like: ‘The top 10 items you’re too old to wear’. Err, who the hell made these rules? We say if you’ve got great pins, show them. Don’t hide that killer cleavage under a cardi. If your booty is your best bit, show it off in a tight pair of leather trousers, or a second-skin, slinky silk dress. Nothing can, or should, hold you back: not age, not societal dictates and especially not incontinence. Which is why TENA Silhouette Low Waist Noir Underwear is such a game-changer – underwear so sleek you won’t even notice you’re wearing it (nor will anyone else). But you will notice how much more confident you feel. Bring on the little black dress! #winning

Age is a blessing

Which is why it’s so galling that we’ve been told to anti-age ourselves for decades. It’s time to celebrate the fact we’re healthier and living longer. Flaunt that wisdom – you’ve learnt it. Those wrinkles? See them as a badge of honour. And treat your body like you would a dream pair of designer shoes. Treasure it, have fun with it, look after it, admire it. And if it gets damaged, get it fixed! Now go forth and feel empowered.

Surprising fact: More people suffer with bladder problems than with asthma, diabetes or epilepsy!