6 Instagram accounts to follow for positivity

Need an escape from the scary headlines and never-ending bad news? Us, too. Check out these accounts that ooze kindness and shed light in dark times
1. @upworthy

We love its non-politically motivated news and the heart-warming personal accounts of human kindness (like a principal driving 800 miles to congratulate each senior in person as their graduation was cancelled, or a landlord halving the rent because the tenant can’t pay during Covid-19).

2. @mattzhaig

The author of Reasons To Stay Alive shares calm, reassuring posts (that are practical, too!). Because who doesn’t need profound mantras, such as ‘Stay alive for the people you will become. You are more than just a bad day or year’. We don’t know about you, but we really needed to hear that.

3. @ohhappyday

Enjoy some light relief from reality with this sunny pinboard of arty inspiration. We’re talking bright bunting, fun DIY and sunny rainbows. Seeing the pastels on your timeline will bring a smile to your face (and probably make you want to ‘partify’ your living room right now!).

4. @roxienafousi

Meet Roxie, your Instagram fairy godmother for emotional health. Her tips are easy to implement and useful, from how to get out of a funk, ways to enjoy the sun without leaving the house and nine things to do before 9am…

5. @thehappynewspaper

Get your dose of cheerfulness and indulge in genuinely wholesome news (because there is still so much good, people). This genius account will gladly remind you of that.

6. @harlowandsage:

Introduce some doggy cuteness (like nearly two million others on there) to your life, and meet three iconic best friends who love to explore and live life together (even during quarantine). One word: obsessed.