5 amazing acts of kindness during Covid-19

Amid the sadness and loss during the pandemic, we’ve also been touched by the generosity and inspirational random acts that have lifted the spirits on a global level. Here’s hoping these selfless trends continue…
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1. Love letters

One anonymous Spanish doctor showed their kindness credentials when they appealed to the public to write letters to those who were hospitalised and recovering from serious cases of coronavirus. The letter-writing campaign took off within hours, leading to over 30,000 messages of support and children’s drawings. What a super-special delivery.

2. Team player

NHS workers faced an impossibly tough choice early in lockdown when they had to self-isolate from their families at the start of the pandemic. Step in former England footballer and hotel owner, Gary Neville, who opened both of his hotels in Manchester to welcome medical staff. Now that’s what we call great room service.

3. Food for the soul

As restaurants closed their doors, Michelin star-winning chef Andrew Wong decided to ‘waste not, want not’ by putting together up to 100 food boxes a day from his restaurant stock and delivering them to vulnerable people through local charities. Andrew, who runs top London eatery A. Wong, said, ‘There are things in this world which are more important than profit and money, and if we go under, at least try and go under with a good heart.’

4. Get arty

Noel Fielding gave parents struggling with home schooling a helping hand by launching an online art club for kids on Twitter. He tasked children to submit art fitting a chosen theme and the winners won a place in the Art Club Hall Of Fame. The comedian shared heart-warming artwork from all ages and said, ‘Kids are so pure. Art Club was beautiful today. Thank you to everyone who joined in. I love you all. Keep safe – and keep smiling and creating.’ N’awww.

5. Hashtag help

Samantha Kelly, a social media strategist, became a Twitter legend after setting up a hashtag campaign to help the vulnerable. #SelfIsolationHelp allowed people who can offer assistance to carry out simple everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping, running errands or picking up prescriptions for those who need to self-isolate.